We're putting the social back into social media!

HappyTask is about getting up and doing something! We want people to go out and participate in actual tasks that not only make them happy, but directly result in the the happiness of the world! We want HappyTaskers to feel the happiness and pride that comes with each completion of a task. Know that every task completed directly affects the lives of those in 3rd world countries. Let’s give back where we can, and use social media in a positive way, putting the social back into social media!

HappyTask is catered to your specific interests.

Do you enjoy volunteering outdoors? Or participating in environmental activities? Does helping other people make you happy? Set your preferences when you register, and modify them at any time.

Tap the search icon to swipe through endless fun and exciting ideas. When you come across one that you like, simply add it to your profile.

Your open tasks are the ones you add that have not been completed yet. Only you can see your open tasks. Once you complete or create a task, it can be seen by anyone.

Create & inspire

HappyTask is about inspiring yourself and others. Follow interesting people, make new friends, and discover truly influential & inspiring HappyTaskers around the globe.

When we first heard the term “digital influencer” we were a bit distraught over the individuals who have obtained such a title. At HappyTask, you truly are a digital influencer. Every time a task you created is completed, you get rewarded.

Share the things that have brought happiness to your life, and influence others by doing so. Together, we can make the world a much happier place, one person at a time!