Screen Addiction is a Serious Problem.

Here are some #'s...

The average person checks a cell phone

110 times

a day.

(male icon) 58% of men
(female icon) 48% of women

suffer from


The fear of being without a smartphone.


of 18 to 24-year-olds

sleep with their phones right next to them.

Sleeping with your phone right next to you can lead to a poor sleep - but does that even matter? People want their phones with them at all times, and when their phone is not with them, they suffer from separation anxiety. Often times the first and last thing people do after they wake up and before they go to sleep is check their phones.

About 80% of people have experienced

phantom vibrations

and around 30%

have heard ringing that simply did not exist.

7% of people state that


cell phone use

caused them to LOSE a relationship or job.

US consumers now spend


a day

on mobile devices.

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