Founders David & Natasha were born and raised in the metropolis that is Los Angeles. After traveling to some of the most remote parts of the world, David & Natasha realized growing problems in not only their society, but in developing ones also:
Co-Founder, Natasha Levy volunteering in Indonesia.
1) First world countries (such as the US) struggle with screen addiction. It seems that as time passes and technology improves, more and more people are glued to their phones. Whether it be email or social media, U.S. consumers now spend 5 hours per day on mobile. While technology has certainly helped our society, it is also hurting us in ways we are just beginning to understand - one of which is our happiness levels.

2) Third world countries struggle with buildup of trash (mainly plastics), and resort to burning it rather than recycling, due to a lack of education, knowledge, and awareness of the harmful effects to the environment.
Both are major problems David and Natasha have fought to help solve; thus, HappyTask was born. The app allows users to inspire others to create, share, and participate in meaningful activities that implore individuals to get up and make a difference. HappyTask is a space where people can share what makes them happy, and inspire others to do the same. Our goal at HappyTask is to make the world a better and happier place one person at a time.

Users are limited to adding two tasks/day with a standard account, but can always upgrade to gain access to more. With an upgrade comes a subscription, and a portion of the subscription funds go toward the cleaning and education of third world areas.

HappyTask is affiliated w/Happy Media, Inc.